Book Your MOT Test in Wickford

An MOT test is a required yearly inspection in the United Kingdom for the majority of vehicles that are older than three years. The MOT test covers a number of areas, including the quality of the brakes, lighting, steering, and suspension as well as the exhaust emissions, and it is intended to guarantee that vehicles satisfy minimal safety and environmental criteria.

Who Can Provide An MOT Certificate?

An authorised testing facility must conduct the MOT test, which usually takes an hour to complete. If the test is successful, a certificate—known as a MOT certificate—is given, and it is good for one year starting from the test date. In the event that the vehicle fails the test, a list of the parts that need to be fixed or replaced will be given, and the vehicle will then need to be retested.

What Happens If I Don’t Have A Valid MOT Certificate?

If you are discovered driving on a public road without a valid MOT certificate, you could incur severe fines. Driving without a current MOT carries a fine of up to £1,000, six points against your licence and potentially the possibility of having your car impounded. Driving without a current MOT certificate could also have an effect on your auto insurance because many insurance companies require a current MOT certificate in order to offer coverage.

It’s crucial to remember that even if your car has a current MOT certificate, you still need to make sure it’s always kept in good condition and is safe to drive. This calls for routinely testing items like tyre pressure, tread depth, and the functionality of all lights and signals.

Why Trust Quick Fix Garage To Complete Your MOT Test?

Quick Fix Garage have been servicing the Wickford Community for over 30 years, providing MOT’s, Tyres and Car Repairs for thousands of customers. During that time we’ve earned a glowing reputation and are the first port of call when people need help with their vehicles. You can find us in the heart of Wickford, opposite Wickford Memorial Park at the following address: Quick Fix Garage, 69 Runwell Road, SS11 7HL.